Tree Planting
Thunderhouse enjoys planting trees. It's how the company got started. The challenges, the people and the legacy of a young forest are at the heart of it.
  • Experienced at planting container and bare root
  • Training to suit client specifications and local conditions
  • Quality control using crew assessments or self-assessment for company audit
  • Per tree and area based planting
  • Fully serviced mobile work camps
  • Difficult access experience and equipment
  • On-site refrigerated seedling storage
  • Seedling delivery from nursery

Competing vegetation can seriously jeopardize the survival of recently planted seedlings.  Protect important investments in young plantations and promote faster growth by tending.
  • Manual herbicide application with backpack sprayers
  • Manual brushing with brushsaws or Sandviks
  • Aerial spray supervision

Pre-Commercial Thinning (PCT)
Keep your forest growing at its potential through optimum density regulation.
  • Experienced supervisors (over 1,000 hectares combined experience)
  • Conifer and hardwood
  • Commuter and bush camp operations

Surveys & Assessments
  • Regeneration surveys for planning and silvicultural prescription setting
  • Free-To-Grow surveys to determine regeneration success
  • Growth and Yield assessments for compiling yield curves and understanding forest growth
  • Ecological and FEC surveys

Boundary Marking
Ensure logging operations stay within approved boundaries to keep a good compliance record.  Thunderhouse blazers are trained in compass skills to avoid "boundary shift" common to blind use of GPS's.
  • Navigation by compass with GPS verification
  • GPS supported for GIS applications

Slash Pile Burning & Prescribed Burning
When felled trees are limbed at roadside, up to 7% of the area harvested becomes covered by slash and will not regrow forest for decades.  Burning slash is an effective and ecologically responsible way of recovering that lost land.
  • Prescribed burn plans
  • Slash piling for burning
  • Prescribed burn consultation
  • Ignition, suppression and control for burning operations
  • Certified firefighters and project planners
  • Autumn and winter burning
  • Private and public lands

Forest Inventory
Knowing what you will have at roadside before it's cut enables private landowners to negotiate better contracts.  Confident harvest projections assist SFL holders to maintain just in time delivery to mills and meet directed volume obligations.
  • Operational timber cruising with strips or prism sweeps
  • Forest Resources Inventory sampling
  • Forest Ecosystem Classification (FEC) trained and experienced
  • Aerial photo interpretation and estimates
  • Remote location access

Site Preparation and Supervision
Decades of staff experience ensures a match between site prep method, site conditions, target species and desired results.
  • Block layout and mapping
  • Quality control
  • Achieve plantable spots
  • Will hire equipment

Forest Management
Registered Professional Foresters, Resource Technicians and GIS specialists on staff with experience preparing and supporting development of all aspects of forest management plans.
  • Wood supply modelling
  • Road location planning
  • Habitat prescriptions
  • Determine harvest areas
  • Areas of concern identification and protection
  • First Nation involvement
  • Protected areas identification
  • Silvicultural prescriptions (only Ontario Registered Professional Foresters can legally set prescriptions in Ontario)

Forestry Consulting
Let our experience provide you with advice and support in forestry and land management.  The Thunderhouse Team brings decades of experience in Boreal forest silviculture, operations and forest management to your assistance.
  • Timber appraisals
  • Road and landing locations
  • Purchase tree seedlings
  • Scaling
  • Operational planning
  • Regeneration and tending prescriptions
  • Business proposals
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