Tree Planting 

Are you looking for a challenging job?

Tree planting is it.

Does the idea of spending two months in the bush appeal to you?  Two months in a tent in all kinds of weather? Finding your socks standing quietly on their own in a corner of your tent? Being part of a tight, energetic team? If this puts a smile on your face, you're the kind of person Thunderhouse is looking for.

Let's be honest, tree planting is not for everyone.  Not only is it physically hard, it's mentally challenging work that will push you to limits you never thought possible. Muck, flies, aches and blisters are all minor inconveniences after a couple of  weeks on the plant.
For those who  succeed, it's  very rewarding. Good earnings, new friends, great shape and the wilds of Northern Ontario, all while finding out what you're actually capable of.  If you want to know what it's like, ask a Thunderhouse planter.

You can also watch the Thunderhouse tree planting video produced by TVO Studio 2, to see what tree planting is like and to hear what tree planters say about the work.

Our upcoming season is taking shape. This year we have competitive piecework rates to offer and, as usual, the lowest camp fees in the business.

Why Plant With Thunderhouse

  • Excellent earning potential.  We offer a spring season of 8 to 9 weeks.
  • A safe work environment.  Thunderhouse's Health & Safety Program is Safe Workplace Ontario certified by the Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association, one of the WSIB Safety Groups.
  • Comprehensive training program for rookie planters.
  • Experienced staff who constantly lead and mentor employees.
  • Incentives for performance.
  • Awesome camp life: lots of delicious food, showers & wash-up trailer, heated dining and tents, satellite internet available.
  • We are a small company with a personal atmosphere.

If you're thinking of applying to other companies, it pays to shop around.  Take some time to ask them a few questions:  

  • Do you supply treated drinking water that can be depended on every working day?
  • Do you have outhouses that remain standing in the wind?
  • Do you have a separate heated drying facility?
  • Do you provide cutlery and dishes?
  • How much of my earnings do you claw back in camp fees?
There are also several technical & safety websites on tree planting.  Go to Links to check them out.

Hiring is underway in January. Get in touch with a Thunderhouse rep if you know one, or apply online.

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