People are what make Thunderhouse.
Many people. Qualified people. Energetic, motivated people. People who want to work outdoors, experience forests and forestry while working hard and earning at their potential.While the Thunderhouse Team forms the core of all company operations, project employees are central to our capacity and success. Our personal approach to employment keeps project employees returning. We value experienced workers because they allow us to deliver quality work for clients.For newly hired employees, our high return rate means experience to learn from. Ask a Thunderhouse employee.

Thunderhouse hires over 100 project workers each year. Tree planters, thinners/brushers, sprayers, crew bosses, camp supervisors, cooks, and forest techs are some of the positions available during the field season. The bulk of our work is from May to August but, for Thunderhouse the field season is year round.

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Returning Employees

Email us with your intention to return so we can save a position for you. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


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