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Thunderhouse Forest Services Inc. provides silvicultural and planning services to the forest industry, provincial government and private landowners in Northern Ontario. Our expertise spans forest management and operational planning, forest inventory, regeneration surveys, timber valuation, GIS applications and silvicultural operations in tree planting, thinning, spraying and site preparation.

Supplying quality forestry services at competitive prices is our goal.

We deliver on our goal by operating from Hearst in Northeastern Ontario. Located close to our clients, Thunderhouse is well positioned for operational support and to participate in the forest economy of Northern Ontario.

Thunderhouse Forest Services Inc. was established in 1994, during a period of intense competition in the silvicultural industry. Since then we have grown to offer a wide range of forestry services, made possible by our commitment to quality and competitive prices.

Thunderhouse's strength lies in its people. A full time staff of 12 professional and technical people combines with over 100 seasonal silvicultural workers to bring the best combination of knowledge, expertise and capacity to your silvicultural, logging or planning needs.Thunderhouse readily networks with other professionals and firms to compliment expertise within the company.


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